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ChromeBook Information and Sprint 1 Million

Student Chromebooks and Google Accounts

As a 1:1 technology school, each POB student will be assigned a CMS Chromebook to complete assignments in school and at home.  Each student is expected to bring his or her CMS-issued Chromebook fully charged to school each day.  We will distribute devices during lunch periods on Wednesday (8/28), Thursday (8/29), and Friday (8/30) in room 522.  Students must bring a signed computer use agreement form to room 522 on one of the distribution days in order to receive a device.  All students received this form in his or her homeroom class. An additional copy of the form can also be picked up in the main office or can be printed from the following link:



Students must log in to Chromebooks using his or her CMS Google Account.  The district reset all Chromebook login credentials to the following:


Once off campus, students must also log into the CMS internet filtering system to access websites on the Chromebook.  A pop-up window will appear requesting the following login credentials:


Students can get assistance with his or her Chromebook each morning from 6:45 a.m. to 7:10 a.m. in the main office or by submitting the issue on the following form:



All students were issued a charger with their Chromebook. The expectation is that a charger will be turned in at the end of the year with the Chromebook. If the charger is lost the replacement cost will be $21.00. More information about costs can be obtained at this site .

Also visit this site for even more information.


Sprint 1 Million Program

Students who do not have consistent access to the internet outside of school may be eligible to receive a free wifi hotspot with 10 GB of data through the Sprint 1 Million Program.  More information can be received by picking up a form in the main office or by completing an online interest form at