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Grading Policy:

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Chromebook Expectations

Using Chromebooks Off Campus | Students will be required to sign in to the CMS web filtering system when using Chromebooks off campus using the following information:
Username: (Do not include the "student" from your normal student email address)
Password: 8 digit birthdate (YYYYMMDD)
Students can contact Ms. Ullah ( if they have any additional questions.

How to Get Your Test Scores

Score reports are mailed to the student's home each time they take the SAT and the ACT. If you have misplaced your score, you may do the following:
SAT - go to and login to your account
ACT - check with your counselor for the score or Naviance. If you need to order a score report, you will need to call customer service and link your test to your account. Let the customer service representative know you misplaced your ACT I.D.
Students may check Naviance for any updated scores. (These scores can only be batch uploaded if the student bubbled in the bubble sheet without any errors.)

Tutoring via Charlotte-Mecklenburg Libraries &

Did you know Charlotte Mecklenburg Library offers free access to online tutors? That's right. With your library card, you can get free help from a live, online, qualified tutor - up to 10 free tutoring sessions each week! And you can use this service - which is powered by - from home, school and even the Library. Help is available for K-12 students, college students and adult learners - in both English and Spanish. Access's network of more than 3,100 professional academic and career tutors who are ready to help with just about any question you may have.
All you need is your library card or ONE Access account number.
Get online tutoring help today.


 The Prom is on Saturday, May 18 at The Filmore from 



June 12 @ 8:30 AM | Bojangles Coliseum

Student Services Staff

Name Email Role
Ms. Tobin 9th grade ( A-M)
Ms. Marsh 9th Grade  (N-Z) 10th (A-F)
Ms. Lisinovic 10th (G-Z)
Ms. Slaughter 11th and 12th grade Counselor (Last names A-L)
Ms. Horton 11th and 12th grade Counselor (Last name M-Z)
Ms. Patel Career Development Coordinator
Ms. St. Vilus Communities in Schools